Why Framework ?

Initially , when java was introduced, it has only Java API to develope Stand Alone Application. Latter , a group of APIs are released under the name J2EE for developing distributed application in Java. Industry developers are faced , some problems, while creating the project using Java and J2EE APIs :-

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Drawbacks of JDBC.

  1. In JDBC application, we create SQL queries FOR database operations, but sql queries are database dependent. So, the persistent logic of JDBC is a database dependent.
  2. JDBC exceptions are checked exceptions. In a project , whenever we write the jdbc code , we need to put the code in a try and catch blocks. So, jdbc increases the burden on the programmers.
  3. In jdbc, we use ResultSet object to store the data selected from database. We have an alternate called RowSet, but all jdbc drivers does not supports RowSet object.
  4. If database table structure is modified after developing the jdbc project then that project does not execute. We need to modify the queries/Sql queries according to the new structured of the table in the entire project. It increases burden on programmer and also it is a time consuming proecess/work.

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Why ORM(Object Relational Mapping) tools are introduced?

A typical real time JEE application contains three layers:-

  1. Presentation Layer.
  2. Business Layer or Service Layer.
  3. Persistence Layer or DAO Layer.

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